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Way Out Willy (All About Jazz)

"Blake, is a powerful player possessing that rare ability to develop lengthy solos that are both visceral and cerebral. Few artists are capable of delivering near-perfection every time but Blake is one of them, with nary a misstep here and a consistent ability to create a clear narrative with every solo."

"Way Out Willy is an unassuming and thoroughly satisfying set filled with improvisational prowess that’s never superfluous. Blake’s strength as a writer is his ability to create a diverse set of contexts that encourage the many strengths of everyone involved."

Four Track Mind (Jazz Times)

"One of the most versatile of the younger breed of academically trained jazzmen..."

Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (LA Times)

"Blake displayed the sort of talent that can be extremely effective in a competitive setting: a technical mastery of his instrument combined with a playing style emphasizing high-speed, improvisational flights."

"...his blazing speed was applied toward textural and dramatic goals, Blake offered a taste of his real potential."

Sun Sol Trio (All Music Guide)

"Blake and Miralta are both masters of their respective instruments... their fine-tuned and highly musical interplay... recommends this album."

Interview (

Interview with Cory Weeds

Mosh For Lovers- Bloomdaddies (All About Jazz)

"Loaded with effects, pitch shifters, reverb, flangers, and wah-wah pedals the music starts at late Zappa and passes through Parliament-Funkadelic, psychedelic, funk, electric boogie, hip-hop, and pop."

"...this record is about stretching the possibilities of bar band jazz...Bloomdaddies are a part of a growing faction that says jazz can be fun sticky music once again. Their bravado is real as any rock band, and they can play."

Thelonius Monk Competition (New York Times)

"...judges and spectators alike, agreed that he had more of everything: melody, harmony, time, coherence, originality."

"He played a constant stream of ideas and logically connected them; he worked in blues preaching, controlled high-register playing and extended harmonies."

Stranger Things Have Happened (All Music Guide)

"Seamus Blake's first disc on the Fresh Sound New Talent label is a marvelous showcase... With Stranger Things Have Happened, Seamus Blake proves many times over that he can go toe-to-toe with great young tenors like Joshua Redman, Chris Potter, and Mark Turner."

Fear Of Roaming- Sangha Quartet (All About Jazz)

"...skillful and balanced use of technology such as delay, loops, and other effects enhances the standard jazz quartet sound with creative energy."

"Fear of Roaming is a rewarding and pleasant experience that is highly recommended."

Interview (Jazzcat)

Radio Interview with Jazz Cat

Transitions- w/Joel Haynes Trio (Vancouver Sun)

"Blake, with his big sound and wide range, makes all eight tunes come alive"

Transitions- w/Joel Haynes Trio (Ottawa Citizen)

"Tearing up every tune, and making the CD exceptional, is Blake, a high-energy, positive musical force. He's a double-time wonder, always articulate and exciting, constructing cascades of melodies that are marvels of logic and exertion."

Performance w/ Joel Haynes Trio @ Ottawa Jazz Festival (Ottawa Citizen)

"...the night belonged to Blake. Using the whole horn, from raspy low notes to a searing upper register with tumultuous cascades of notes in between, the Canadian-raised, New York-based saxophonist seemed to be bursting with musical messages he couldn't leave unsaid."