Seamus with Antonio Sanchez and Migration band in Europe, April/May 2015 

Antonio Sanchez's Migration band, with Seamus, will be playing in the  following cities during the months of April and May: Berlin, April 20/21, Hanover, April 22, Stuttgart, April 23, Espoo Finland, April 24, Unterfahrt, April 25, Milan, April 26, Catania, April 27, Messina, April 28, Tagliamento, April 29, Fortuna, April 30, and London, May 1.

Seamus at Smalls April 6 

Seamus, and co-leader Chris Cheek, bring their band, "Reeds Ramble", for a return visit to Smalls on April 6. The show starts at 10:30 and also features Ethan Inverson, Matt Clohesy, and Jochen Rueckert.